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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa location is in the renowned Nusa Dua resort area on the southern peninsula of Bali. Just minutes away from Ngurah Rai International Airport and within easy travelling distance of the island's major tourist attractions.

Enjoy treatments alone or with your partner in one of the Spa Villa or Spa Pavilion. The spa's regal indulgence includes a sauna, steam room, cool dip, jacuzzi, and lap pool, as well as a hair and beauty salon.

Open 06:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Spa Facilities

The Spa facilities include a fitness center with a fully equipped gymnasium, aerobics studio, squash and tennis courts, mountain bikes, and basket ball ring area.

The Spa Essentials shop supplies indigenous body products and the Spa Cafe treats guests to healthy wholesome beverages.

Nusa Dua Spa's facilities:

  • 25-meter Lap Pool
  • Sauna Room
  • Steam Room
  • Cool dip
  • Jacuzzi
  • Spa Villas
  • Body Spa
  • Spa Pavilions
  • Hair and Beauty Salon
  • Gymnasium
  • Aerobics Studio
  • Squash Courts (2)
  • Tennis Courts (2)
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Basket ball ring Area
  • Spa Essentials Shop
  • Spa Cafe
  • Relaxing Gardens
  • Players Games Room

Spa Etiquette


Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment. Arriving late may shorten your spa treatment.


To avoid being charged 50% of the listed price for any scheduled appointment or service , a minimum of 3-hours notice for cancellation or change of appointment is required.

Spa attire

Please wear comfortable attire. Disposable underwear, bathrobe and towel will be provided. You may wear your own underwear for your spa treatment.

General spa information

- Spa guests must be a minimum of 12 years old.
- The use of cellular phones and electronic devices is prohibited within the spa.
- No topless bathing is permitted in the spa lap pool
- All prices are subject to 21% government tax and service charge.
- We kindly advise that you remove all jewelry prior to your arrival at the spa, otherwise a safety box is provided in the spa reception.

Ubud Kamandalu Resort & Spa

Kamandalu Spa is located in Jl. Tegallalang, Banjar Nagi, P.O Box 77, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia Tel: (62 361) 975 825 Fax: (62 361) 975 851. Kamandalu resort and spa at the edge of a Bali mountain forest and featuring private treatment rooms, hot and cold Jacuzzi bath, sauna rooms and beauty salon. Choose from a variety of relaxing massages, facials, herbal wraps and masques.

The Spa at Kamandalu supports ancient Indonesian healing arts by creating our own fresh recipes of time-tested rituals and remedies. So you can feel excotic indonesian taste.

1 Beauty Salon
* 1 room which includes Sauna, Warm & Cool Jacuzzi for couple
* 1 room equipped with sunken bath for couple
* 1 locker room for male and 1 locker room for female


We combine the finest local ingredients with the highest quality of pure essential oils and natural skincare products from Bali and around the world.

Featured Selections

* A Day of Bliss
* Javanese Lulur
* Wrapped in Love
* Island Mocha remedy
* Signature AromaTherapeutic Massage
* Botanical Essence Facial

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ubud Sari Spa & Beauty

Ubud Sari Relaxing massage (1 hour) USD 15
Ubud Sari Foot Massage (25 minutes) USD 7
Traditional Javanese Lulur (allow 1,5 hour) USD 25

After enjoy our Relaxing massage, your skin is scrubbed with an herb and rice powder mixture to remove dead skin, then you relax in a warm tub with herbs and flowers in the water. The luxurious body scrub, is believed to e one of the nature's best exfoliating methods. A truly traditional Javanese health and beauty treatment.

Volcanic Mud Bath (allow 1,5 hour) USD 25

We provide volcanic ash from Mt. Agung and heat it to 40 degrees centigrade. You lay immersed in this mud for about 15 minutes, and then our attendant washes all the mud from your body. You then have a one hour massage. Detoxifying, refreshing and relaxing.

Body Shampoo (allow 1,5 hour) USD 25

After a one hour relaxing spa massage, your body is scrubbed with body foam then a thin layer of essential oil mixed in arak (palm wine) is applied. The alcohol in the arak evaporates, cooling your body, and the essential oil permeates your skin to give you the aroma therapy effects all day. Our essential oil combinations offer energizing, relaxing, revitalizing or aphrodisiac effects.

Spa Combination I (allow 2,15 hours) USD 35

1 hour full body relaxing massage, Mud Bath, followed Javanese Lulur, and flower bath.

Spa Combination II (allow 2,15 hours) USD 35

1 hour full body relaxing massage, Mud Bath, followed Body Shampoo.

Spa Package (allow 4 hours) USD 70

1 hour full body relaxing massage Choice of: Body Shampoo, Javanese Lulur, Volcanic Mud Bath, Shampoo and Comb-out + Manicure and Pedicure. Vegetarian lunch

The Health Therapeutic Treatments

Chiropractic USD 30
Foot Reflexology USD 30

Base of this deeply relaxing foot massage is the knowledge that the foot-reflect all the organs and system of our body.
1 hour.
Shiatsu USD 30

This brings on feeling of up-liftmen, relaxation and inner peace and joy. It allows you to re-discover your natural inner harmony.
1 hour.
Reiki USD 45

Reiki brings energy into body, mind and soul Loads up the inner “Battery” clear the mind and helps to heal Physical and emotional disease, stress and injuries.
1 hour.
Deep Tissue Body Work USD 30

The Deep Tissue body worker uses “acupressure” points to find and correct blockages of stored up energy or of the emotions. Deep Tissue work balances both the body and the mind sand allows for higher mental and physical functioning.
CranioSacral Therapy USD 45

A gentle hands-on method of healing that revitalizes life force and redirect its course, CranioSacral Therapy focus on releasing accumulated stress and trauma from the central nervous system trough balancing and enhancing the function of the Craniosacral system.
Yoga (1,5 hour) USD 5

Yoga class is start at 07:00 am until 08:30 am.

The Salon de' Elegance
Salon de’Elegance Regular Facial
Hydrating USD 23
Nourishing USD 23
Sensitive Skin USD 23
Anti Aging USD 23
Purifying USD 23
Salon de’Elegance Eye Facial
Manual USD 15
Lifting USD 17
Salon de’Elegance Specific Facial
Clarifying USD 27
Firming USD 27
Salon de’Elegance Intensive Facial
Lifting USD 27
Manicure USD 7
Pedicure USD 7

Traditional “Solo” Lulur USD 30
A traditional Javanese Lulur, followed by foaming milk for skin tightening, and finally rest in the special Jet pump tub.

Firming and Reducing - Body Wrap USD 50
Effective at slimming specific areas of the body, and firming the connective tissue to eliminate wrinkles. A refreshing beauty massage is followed by an herbal scrub, then specific body areas are treated with slimming creams before you are wrapped in a heating blanket After that you will relax in a jet-tub with essential oils to complete the session.
Body Detoxifying
Local USD 35
Full Body - Cellulite USD 45
Full Body - Firming USD 48

An evaluation by our beautician will determine your specific needs for slimming, de-aging, or firming and eliminating wrinkles. After the appropriate cream mask is applied you will be wrapped in a heating blanket, then receive a relaxing beauty massage, scrub and moisturizing bath.

The Salon De’ Elegance 4 and 6 Hours Beauty Package
Package 1 (allow 4 hours) USD 80
Intensive Facial (lifting)
Solo Lulur, Shampoo and Comb-out
Manicure and Pedicure
Vegetarian lunch at restaurant

Package 2 (allow 4 hours) USD 70
Facial, Total Body detoxifying treatment
Body Bath in Jet pump tub
Vegetarian lunch at restaurant

Package 3 (allow 4 hours) USD 60
Total Body Mud Mask
Body Bath in Jet pump tub
Shampoo and Comb-out
Vegetarian lunch at restaurant

Package 4 (allow 4 hours) USD 70
Firming and Reducing Body Wrap
Body Bath in Jet pump tub
Vegetarian lunch at restaurant

Package 5 (allow 4 hours) USD 80
Facial, Solo Lulur, Manicure and Pedicure
Dead Sea Shampoo and Comb-out
Vegetarian lunch at restaurant

Total Beauty Revitalizing Program (allow 6 hours) USD 130
Facial, Mud Bath or Solo Lulur + Relaxing Body Massage
Seaweed Body Wrap using Thalotherm
Foot Massage, Manicure and Pedicure
Shampoo and Comb-out
Body Bath & Vegetarian lunch at restaurant

Bali "The Best Spa Destination in The World"

Indonesian through Bali has been selected as “The Best Destination Spa in the World.” by InternationalBourse Berlin, Jerman and gets International Wellness Awards.

“Why Indonesia? Because Indonesia is able to maintain the ancestral cultural heritage combined with the results of the latest research,” said the chairman of Selected Hotel Promotion Inc (renowned international organization of tourism), Frank Pfaller, in a press release on Wednesday (18 / 2).

Awards will be submitted in order to organize the annual exhibition prestigious tourism, the International Tourism Bourse (ITB) in Berlin, Germany, early March 2009.

“The ceremony will be attended by the leading tourism leaders from around the world,” he said.
This is because the ITB exhibition is the largest involving thousands of actors in the business world’s international tourism. Awards are planned to be received directly by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik, who will attend the event at the ITB in Berlin.
Balinese votes spa tourism is the best area because it is able to maintain the original ancestor of culture, heritage, including ancient kings. Moreover, terminology Balinese in relation to the spa, such as security and lulur has been recognized internationally.
On the same occasion, the King, Ida Tjokorda IX Denpasar Ngurah Jambe Pamecutan also be awarded prizes Senses Wellness Award 2009 from the same organization.

King Denpasar IX will also receive The Five-star-Diamond Lifetime Achievement Award will be given by the President of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences Joe Cinque up and contrib pengabdiannya in the exchange relationship and the development of international culture. “We represent people who have a spa in Bali will leave the event in addition to this year because Bali was selected to become the world’s best destination spa,” said King Ida Tjokorda IX Denpasar Ngurah Jambe Pamecutan.

Most of Bali spa centres offer 100% natural material. The basic ingredient of Spa original massage oils are imported from France. Bali spas have well-trained therapist. You will enjoy a fragrance while you are staying at spa treatment room. Some of Bali spa centres also have service of hair treatment, herbal milk bath, volcanic mud body treatment, lavender body treatment, and many other high quality services. Sometimes Bali Spas also give a free transport for a visitor from Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta and Sanur beach area.

Beginning with foot bath and body wash, and traditional Balinese massage, lets the mud prevent wrinkles, enlighten your skin and clean the pores while giving nutrients and mineral back to your skin, end by relaxing into warm aromatic flower bath. For other choice, you may choose Aroma Therapy Massage, Balinese Traditional Massage, Swedish Massage or other kind of massage. Improve your blood circulation, reduces tension and stress, relieve muscles, rejuvenate tired muscles and relax your mind. The prices are relative cheap, around US$ 68-78 per package. So lets enjoyed your vacation on Bali Paradise.